Marcus Carr is the founder of The Drive on in the blue stream and . He’s currently a student at The University of North Texas pursuing a Broadcast Journalism degree. For any information on the staff email him at .

Christina Perez is the web designer of She is a recent graduate from Dallas Baptist University, where she completed her Bachelors degree in Marketing. She is currently the Director of eCommerce and Marketing of a local business in Rockwall, TX.

Riley Glenn is the producer and one of the founding members of the Drive in August of 2016. Other than producing the show, he will write articles for some of his favorite things, these include: movies, TV, and music. In addition to radio, he is pursuing film and television production. He graduated from Frontier High School in 2017 and plans to attend Tarrant County College and the University of North Texas.

Orian Johnson is a 18 year old aspiring author who’ll be attending UNT as a freshman this year. Orian has wanted to be a writer since he was 14, and this is one way to get his name out there while doing something he enjoys. In terms of hobbies he dances, reads, works out, and makes bad jokes in his spare time. He hopes his articles here on The Drive Online bring you at least a chuckle along with some new perspectives.

Andrew Martin is an American sports writer from Texas covering Football, Basketball, Baseball, Golf, and most other sports. Andrew is a die-hard Duke, 49er, and Braves fan, but enjoys writing about all teams and major topics of the sports world. He graduated from Georgetown High School in May of 2017 and will be attending the University of North Texas in the fall of 2017 to major in Sports Management. He joined The Drive Online as a sports writer in July of 2017 which is where he currently writes.

Kyle Pearson is a student in the Mayborn School of Journalism at the University of North Texas where he is majoring in public relations. He has always had a calling towards writing and he uses his work to stand up for what he believes in and inform the public with the whole truth. He is an activist for civil rights and stand against discrimination wherever he may see it and this is evident in his writing. He plans to use my writing to expand the readers thinking and allow them to see the world different than they did before and He is excited to see where his work will take him.

Anthony Aleman is a Jack of all trades sports writer who can write and cover basically any sport played. Anthony currently is attending the University of Texas at Arlington with plans to major in Kinesiology or journalism or both. Anthony is excited for the new wave of sports writing The Drive will bring to the world. Sports are truly one of Anthony’s passions and readers will receive great content every week.

Bryanna Houser is a senior at Mansfield Summit High School. With hopes of being a professional audio engineer, she expands her musical talents and connections by participating in the school band, recording albums with friends, and now by being a writer for The Drive radio show. In addition to music she passes her time by being the school’s mascot and cheer manager and holding an officer position in student council.

Lauryn Jackson is an 18 year old aspiring filmmaker from Mansfield, Texas. She graduated from Mansfield Frontier High School in June of 2017 and will be attending the Savannah College of Art and Design in the fall. Lauryn started out as just a fan of The Drive and is now ecstatic about being a part of the writing staff. Writing, like filmmaking, is a major passion of hers that she hopes to pursue as a career someday.

Michael Bier is an american sports writer from Mansfield Texas covering the Texas Rangers along with the rest of Major League Baseball. Michael, a junior, attends Lake Ridge High School in Mansfield Texas. Let it be known that he’s probably the biggest Rangers fan you’ll ever meet. Michael has worn a Rangers shirt everyday for the past 6 years and goes to around 60 Rangers games a year. Some of his hobbies include getting autographs from a variety of different athletes and celebrities along with creating hype videos for his school’s athletic teams. Michael joined The Drive Online in July of 2017.

Blake Wood is an writer for The Drive Online focusing on the Dallas Stars and other news around the NHL. He played select and Jr hockey over the course of 15 years finishing his last season away from home in Syracuse, New York. Blake lives in Southlake, Texas and will be attending the University of Arkansas in the fall majoring in political science with aspirations of going to law school. He is very excited to join The Drive team and to get started writing about his favorite team, the Dallas Stars, and the rest of the league.

Tanya Nasimiyu is an 18 year old music enthusiast who recently graduated from Mansfield High School. She will be attending Tarrant County College and University of Texas at Arlington for English Education. She hopes to bring her diverse music taste to The Drive Online.

Kennedy Ragsdale will be attending the University of North Texas to major in English. As outspoken as they come, she is an advocate for all human rights and believes in having an open mind. She plans on using her words to express her views in hopes to give new perspectives on topics not addressed in everyday life. With her experience as the Editor in Chief at her school’s newspaper, she plans to continue her passion for writing and editing through The Drive.

Felicity Veliz is currently a senior at Legacy High School. She became a writer for The Drive Online July of 2017 and also writes for her school newspaper. Felicity’s passion for writing flows through her personal experiences and issues the world may have. When blog writing most of her time, she is loathe to discuss herself in the third person, but persuades herself to from time to time. Felicity plans to attend the University of North Texas next the Fall to major in Digital/Print Journalism.

Keonna Burnett will be a sophomore at Summit High School this year. Her interest include journalism for blogs, in addition to her school’s newspaper, interviewing important locals, and live broadcasting for district events. Contrary to most teens, she actually enjoys sitting behind a computer for hours at a time, working hard to create the perfect story. Her favorite topics to write about include sports, politics, evolution, modern technology, pop culture, beauty and fashion, and obviously the exciting things happening in the community. She plans to pursue a college degree in the communications field, to turn her dreams of being a professional writer into reality.

Elliot Adway is an avid sports and music fan. He is from Arlington, Texas, and also makes music. He is a diehard Cowboy and Thunder fan, and plans to bring an unbiased, unforeseen, and uncensored view on sports and entertainment.

Kameron Henry is a popcorn eating ,soda sipping, movie – loving guy. From Casablanca to the Avengers, there’s no movie that Kameron hasn’t heard of or seen. Kameron graduated from Kennedale High school in June 2017. He is currently at Tarrant County College taking care of basics; then will be transferring to UTA. As of July 2017 Kameron is now a movie writer for The Drive.

Caleb Akpan is a sports writer for The Drive, primarily covering the Dallas Cowboys. He will be attending the University of North Texas this fall as a member of the freshman class of 2021. Caleb graduated from Pearce High School in Richardson, Texas where he served as the Opinion Editor on the school newspaper. He hopes the articles he contributes to The Drive give an interesting perspective to the storylines of the NBA and NFL, where he is a die-hard fan of the Mavericks and Cowboys.

Ashley Bow is a senior at Mansfield Legacy High School. She is an editor for her school’s newspaper and keeps a full schedule by balancing her obligations to family, friends, school, and band. She hopes to use her position as a writer for The Drive to continue fostering her passion for writing.

Lucas Garza is a freshman in the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin. Lucas is a Lifetime Longhorn, and refers himself as the biggest Longhorn basketball supporter alive. He is a scratch golfer, and is extremely familiar with the PGA TOUR, its courses, and even the TOUR’s players and personalities. Lucas enjoys supporting the Boston Red Sox, Chelsea FC, Houston Rockets, Tennessee Titans, and the USMNT.

Jameson White is a writer for the Drive Online, and joined in early September 2017.\. He is currently a freshman at Sam Houston State University pursuing a degree in business. He will mostly be writing over the teams of which he has been always been a die-hard fan of, the Dallas Cowboys and the San Antonio Spurs, while also knowing a lot about the NFL and NBA and their respective histories. He also enjoys collecting CDs and listening to music of which he will also write about.

Elijah Folsom is an American sports writer from Texas, but currently lives in Oklahoma. He covers Football, Basketball, Soccer, Golf, and most other sports. Elijah is a die-hard Oklahoma and Thunder fan, but enjoys writing about all teams and major topics of the sports world. He attends the University of Oklahoma and majors in Sports Management there. He joined The Drive Online as a sports writer in September of 2017 which is where he currently writes.

Garrett Shadwick is an 18 year old business major from Mansfield, TX who has a passion for the arts and the Dallas Cowboys. Garrett only writes content that he himself would want to read, ranging from TV to music to, the Dallas Cowboys. Garrett is excited to be on The Drive writing staff to push his writing abilities to the next level.  

Maggie Holmes is an 18-year-old Pre-Nursing major at Tarleton State University; but, she originates from Mansfield, Texas. She is currently an editor for The Drive Online, where she wants to accumulate experience as a writer and editor. Maggie hopes to expand her writing abilities to include multi-media entertainment. She plans to graduate with her BSN in 2021 with a minor in English.

Jarrett Crepeau is a senior and Mansfield Lakeridge High School who will be attending the University of North Texas in the fall of 2018 at the college of Visual Arts and Design and studying for a degree in New Media Art. He spends his time taking photos, making art in all kinds of mediums and jamming out to all things rock and roll. While being an artists he also wants to sharpen his writing skills, and share his thoughts on what’s trending in entertainment.  Jarrett will be writing provocative reviews of  TV shows, films, and the latest music from the rock scene for The Drive.

David Seastrunk III is 21 years old and spends most of his time up at his school where he is  a current Student-Athlete at The University of Texas at Arlington. He is apart the Men’s Track and Field program and is a Kinesiology Major. He spends his free time watching/attending sporting events, playing video games, and spending time with family. He will be covering sports for The Drive.

Emily Martinez is 19 years old and was raised in Dallas, Texas. She graduated from Samuell High School with an associates degree in May of 2017. Emily likes to spend her free time reading books, working out, writing in her notebook, cooking, and enjoys playing COD with her younger brother. She decided to enroll at the University of North Texas in the fall of 2017 to pursue a career in journalism and political science. Emily hopes to give a voice to those who don’t have one. She is thrilled to be joining The Drive Online team and hopes to spread as many other people’s’ stories as she can.

Kyle Wheelock is a junior pursuing a major in media arts with a minor in marketing at the University of North Texas. Kyle spends his free time writing short stories and scripts for North Texas Television, listening to all sorts of music ranging from Weezer to Kendrick Lamar, and watching Basketball. He aspires to take over the world or have his own TV show, whichever comes first. You can contact Kyle at