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Ways to a Healthy Diet

Writer: Felicity Veliz Most people are not conscious about the foods they eat. Some are just too busy with their everyday schedule, they find whatever they can to eat even if it means spending money on fast food. With following these few tips, being healthy should be a lot easier than you think. Have An Everyday Exercise Schedule- Exercising may […]


Five Favorite Fall Activities

Writer: Ashley Bow The first day of autumn technically landed on September 22. However, all Texans know fall hasn’t really begun. Fall is when the leaves turn orange, when the air is crisp, and when nature reaches it’s peak and begins melting away. We have not yet hit that point. The afternoons are warm and the leaves remain green. I […]


NFL Divided

Writer: Kyle Pearson Spending Sunday’s watching football is a weekly ritual for most Americans. However, with recent protests reaching an all-time high in participation, many fans are at a crossroad. […]