Staff Writer-Orian Johnson

It’s August 9th of 2017, you log onto Twitter and your timeline is filled with quote tweets of somebody freestyling. Surprise, it’s flames. Wynne AKA: Queen Hunnypot is a 20 year old rapper from Portland who went viral last summer and hasn’t dropped the ball on releasing more music for her fans to love. Since she dropped her freestyle to the Bank Account instrumental she’s released two tracks, An Open Letter To Donald Trump, and CVTVLYST, which has a music video on youtube.


Wynne AKA Queen Hunnypot

She’s also released a Gucci Gang remix and a Batman remix, both of of which are surprise, flames. Wynne just throws in bars that might go over your head the first listen, and she’s extremely transparent about her views and opinions, something a lot of lyrical rap lovers will value. Every one of her songs including the two remixes are on Soundcloud as well as her website, so with all that said go listen! Here’s hoping for more music from her in the future.

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