Writer: Kyle Pearson

Being a student can seem like an exciting time until you realize once the work starts it’s a downward spiral that has seemingly no destination until the semester comes to a halting stop. There are many reasons stressed college students feel like they may be starting to bald in their early twenties, whether it’s the blind plunge into adulthood where bills seem to emerge everywhere you turn or the midnight binge eating you can’t seem to stop college can be a confusing time for lots of students.

Thinking of the big picture, your purpose in the world, and if you will ever achieve your dreams is likely to end in a panic attack that could only be soothed by seeing a dog on campus. When you feel overwhelmed it’s best to take it a week at a time and prioritize from there, much easier said than done. Prioritizing can take practice until you feel it actually help, a jumbled mess of assignments that make your pits sweat just thinking about it can be a lot more manageable if you break them down.

Stress is part of growing up, how you handle it can determine the kind of person you will end up as. Handling stress is an important skill to master, no one wants to be the scummy individual yelling at a fast food worker or picking a fight with a bird defecating on your car. It’s important to realize that everyone handles stress in different ways, while one may take deep breaths to calm themselves another may pass out from doing the same.

Coming to a breaking point is more a matter of when it happens not if it happens. It’s important to realize everyone hits a wall eventually, if someone says they don’t they’re either lying or possibly a reincarnation of Jesus. Reaching a breaking point where all you may be able to is just sit and pout can be quite refreshing once you overcome the moment. Shaking off these moments is essential to not losing your marbles, focus on the good things in life, you can eat pineapple on your pizza, boneless wings are in the present, do what makes you happy and things will start to fall in place.

It’s important to realize no matter how well put together one may seem they probably have no idea what they are doing too. Being stressed is healthy and completely normal, it becomes toxic when you don’t know how to handle it. Figure out what works best for you and nothing can keep you down.


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