Writer: Kameron Henry

As scrolling through Netflix looking for a new anime to watch I came across many different shows. Like Blue Exorcist, Sword Art Online, Devilman Crybaby. Even though I saw all these new ones i decided to rewatch one of my all time favorite series FullMetal Alchemist. After watching that series I found out that there’s is a live-action movie about the show Naturally I watched it and here’s my review.

The premise of the show is that two brothers named Alphonse and Edward Elric loses their mother to a disease. They decided to attempt to bring her back to life using the practice of Alchemy. It goes tragically wrong and Edward loses his arm and leg while Alphonse lost his whole body ,and has his soul placed into a suit of armour.Now they must find a way to get there bodies back by any means necessary.

While watching the movie I realised that were combing certain things from both the original series and it’s sister series named FullMetal Alchemist : Brotherhood. The run time of the movie is two hours and fifteen minutes. My issue going into this movie is how are they going to fit all of the plot into only two hours. There are some many things that could have been part of this movie that weren’t. This film did have some goods though. The showing of when Edward and Alphonse losing their bodies was amazing. The CGI had to bring them transmitting things to life personally I thought it great. Also seeing the Homunculi being evil and displaying their powers. Another thing that was good seeing the metal limbs that Edward had after losing his limbs. The only bad thing about film which really isnist the film fault. Trying to fit this amazing story into a run time.

FullMetal Alchemist is a amazing anime with an amazing live action. Unlike other live action anime movies this is the best one so far. If I had to rate this movie i would give it 9/10. If you want me to do another live-action anime movie let me know.


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