Staff Writer: Orian Johnson

Benny, Rock, Revy, and Dutch(from left to right)

Okay, hear me out. Even if you aren’t an anime fan, Black Lagoon could be the show that changes your mindset. It’s essentially the anime version of your run of the mill action film, but it aired in 2006 and since it’s anime there’s a lot more to it in terms of action. Do you like rocket launchers? Got it. Do you like bullets magically missing the protagonist in shootouts? Got it. Do you like a small speedboat being rammed into a helicopter in midair? Got it.(Yes, that actually happens.) The story starts out with a standard looking businessman named Rokuro who gets caught up in a robbery by a mercenary group called The Lagoon Company. The group is comprised of Benny, a college dropout tech expert, Revy, a hot-tempered gunslinger, and Dutch, the soft-and-not-often-spoken captain of their ship. They make deliveries for the mob from time to time. Long story short, he decides to join them, gets nicknamed Rock, and the story goes from there. Be warned, however, the show does deal with drug use, rape, and obviously murder, and the second season gets pretty gruesome. That being said, the show’s cast is what makes it so memorable, as the development of their relationships gives relief from the heavy themes of the show. With three seasons, there’s plenty to binge as well, so go for it! This could be your anime!

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