By Kameron Henry

Incredibles 2 Trailer Break-Down

Finally after 14 years of waiting; Pixar finally decided to show a teaser trailer of Incredibles 2. If you haven’t seen the trailer click here to check it out. Now it’s time to analyze the trailer.

The trailer begins just were the first movie left off. The Incredibles are fighting the Underminer. Unfortunately we only see Bob and Ellen attempting to stop him. They told Dash and Violet to watch their infant son Jack-Jack. After that we cut to a family dinner where Ellen is telling the kids that superheroes are still illegal.

The next thing we see is Frozone handing Bob and Ellen a business card. Frozone says he was approached by a man wanting to talk about hero stuff. We instantly sees Bob’s face light up with joy. Another jump cut later we are brought to an image of private jet with the name DevTech, A man appears in a office saying he wants to bring heros back into the spotlight. Specifically he wants Elastigirl to make return not Mr. Incredible.

From what we see Elastigirl takes the offer going off with her new motorcycle into the darkness. With this happening we see Bob saying no problem. There afterwards are clips of Bob trying to adapt to taking care of the children. Then we see a sleep-deprived Bob explain to Violet and Frozone that he’s doing this so that Elen can succeed. Afterwards we see Elastigirl driving through traffic being adored by fans. The last thing we see in the trailer is Bob talking to Edna Mode talking about raising children is superpower in its own.

Growing up on the first movie and seeing a sequel coming gets me super excited. I like the aspect of Bob and Ellen switching roles. Incredibles 2 comes out in June 15th. You can definitely expect a review when this comes out.

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