Written by: Anthony Aleman

The NFL offseason has not officially begun; however it seems as though we have our first blockbuster move as a trade. A trade very few had expected to occur, Washington Redskins sent stud cornerback, Kendall Fuller, and a third-round draft pick to the Kansas City Chiefs and received quarterback Alex Smith in return.

The Redskins then extended Alex Smith’s contract, giving him four years for up to $94 million, with 70 million guaranteed. Needless to say, this trade was a shocker, as many expected Kirk Cousins to find himself back in Washington, now it looks like he will end up on a team like Cleveland or New York via free agency.

The Chiefs are now betting on former Red Raider Patrick Mahomes to play at the same caliber as Smith, if not at a higher level. The Chiefs won this deal, so long as Mahomes plays up to par. Saving $17 million in cap space while getting a cornerback who was rated the number six best corner in the NFL by Pro Football Focus shows you they got a steal, not to mention they acquire a third-round pick which could bring in a solid return in its own.

The Chiefs kept Smith out of the NFC by rejecting better offers from in division rival Denver Broncos and the Cleveland browns, and the return was a really great haul. The Redskins look to be the losers at the moment, however if Alex Smith plays above and beyond expectations and the team drafts positions of need well in the draft, then expect the Redskins to compete immediately for a playoff spot next year.

Now the next question for many is where does Kirk Cousins go, and how does that affect the draft and which quarterbacks could fall in the draft because of it. Be on the lookout, this offseason is going to be a wild one.


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