Writer: Kyle Pearson

In Fort Worth Texas many of the companies who occupy the large office building contribute to allow local business to thrive. XTO Energy, a petroleum gas company, takes initiative by sponsoring many local businesses whether it be during the light festival in the winter or charity runs in the spring XTO always seems to play a part.

Over the past few years XTO has been merged with Exxon Mobil who bought XTO roughly five years ago. I was fortunate enough to do an internship with XTO Land department where I really got to see the amazing people that keep this company moving day to day. About halfway through the summer Exxon released a statement saying they will be relocating the entire company to their headquarters in Houston. For the employees on the higher pay scale such as branch managers, they received news of how Exxon would accommodate the move. For the employees on the lower side of the pay scale they received news of how they must either relocate to Houston Texas, or be let go.

When the announcement was released the very next day all of the custodial staff and excess employees that Exxon could outsource were let go and the company did just that, they outsourced the people let go with a custodial company. Now this may seem like not anything to get upset about, however these people were known by most employees and were considered friends by many. Nearly ninety people were let go in one day with no warning, they were simply brought into a meeting and told it was their last day.

The employees that make up XTO Energy consist of people fresh out of college to people just a few years away from retirement. For the employees left out of the move accommodations, they are at a serious crossroads having to decide whether they can relocate to Houston or find a new source of income. This news hit some employees harder than others especially those who are close to retirement. For most employees, they have families in or near the city they work. These people have their whole lives established with houses to pay off and families to provide for. A decision must be made of whether they can move their lives to a new city or find a new job and start over completely.

Exxonmobil is known for making prestigious business situations that have made them the corporation they are. At the end of the day I understand that the move is a good decision for the company but the people in charge are doing a poor job at considering what they are doing for their very own workers. This can have various impacts on the new work environment, the employees that do move to Houston and were not accommodated may have less of a drive to work hard for a corporation that doesn’t necessarily care about them.

At the end of the day corporations such as Exxon need to do what needs to be done in order to keep the business afloat. My only hope is that similar corporations can observe and learn how to take a more considerate approach to such a drastic decision.

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