Staff Writer: Orian Johnson

Happy New year to all of our readers, I hope everyone had a great time over the holidays! 2018 is here and it’s time to get back to work and start off strong with new mindsets for the future. Something I’ve noticed all throughout high school when I was old enough to realize what I was feeling is the way some people react to creative minded, or artistic individuals.

I wrote an article a while back about the state of poetry and how it’s received and viewed, but I feel as though I need to speak out about any and all forms of self-expression and the people that communicate through artistic mediums. Today’s society, especially western society is so steeped in cynicism and an attitude of pretentiousness when it comes to any art medium, from dance, to writing, to film, music, and any other you can think of. People are so quick and willing to devalue and outright bash somebody for engaging in anything artistic simply because they don’t understand it; some do, but don’t like it and that doesn’t excuse them either. Art mediums like poetry and music are made fun of in the sense that people will go out of their way to stereotype and generalize writers and music artists, which can discourage individuals from even trying their hand at the craft. Tthis attitude is extremely toxic, and it does only harm to the creativity of individuals. No amount of “realism” is going to change that. Constructive criticism is needed and welcome. Pile ons, and toxic “reality checks” aren’t needed, welcome, or encouraged. It’s an attitude that needs to stay in 2017.

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