Writer: Ashley Bow

New Year Resolutions are kind of a scam. That’s why gym memberships go on sale – the owners know people pay for a year and attend for a month, so their profits skyrocket even with the lowered prices.

But still, the idea of making a change to better oneself can feel alluring. New Year Resolutions are just too grandeur to keep up with through a whole year. Smaller and simpler goals work better over time, so I make monthly resolutions which are easier to keep up with and easier to restart if I slack. These four new Monthly Resolution ideas are a way to jumpstart my goals for the upcoming year.

Complement 3 people each week

I really like this resolution because of its simplicity and the effect it has on the social environment. Was your server really good? Tell them. Does your friend look stressed and busy? Mention their good work ethic. Complements boost self esteem and make people feel happy. For some, a single complement will have them smiling to themselves for the rest of the day.

Ask one friend how they’re doing each week

Personally, I’m not great at keeping up with friendships and social obligations not because I don’t want to but because I don’t think about it. By making a resolution to contact one friend I haven’t spoken with in a while, I remind myself to keep in touch and strengthen the relationships I have with people around me.

Set aside enough time to finish one hobby

Life gets in the way of things we enjoy. As a high school senior working on scholarships and finding a part-time job, I have lost time in my schedule to sit down and read. Others may have lost time to visit the park or finish a TV show or cook for fun. Whatever hobby life has gotten in the way of in 2017, make a monthly resolution to do it in 2017.

Learn a new skill

The skill can be anything simple that could make your life a little better. Teach yourself to sew or how to type with more than index fingers. It hardly matters what you learn as long as you do your best to progress at it. And who knows, maybe you’ll discover an innate talent you never knew you had.


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