Writer: Keonna Burnett

“The cabs are here! (again)” Or at least, they will be…

MTV just confirmed a series reboot of the cult classic Jersey Shore, during the premiere of the all new Floribama Shore, a second take on the Shore sequence hosted in Panama City Beach. Called Jersey Shore Family Vacation, the reunion will feature Snooki and Jwoww (of course), the MVP (Mike, Vinny, and Pauly), Deena, and Ronnie, all ready to re embark the memories of over tanning, working hungover, and all the other chaos that was their early twenties.
Since the show ended, the Shore family parted ways, and began to focus on their own lives off camera. Between the eight of them, the past five to six years have been spent maturing, becoming souber, getting married and having kids… Or in other cases- staying in the limelight and or reality television industry, becoming a brand, or even being accused of tax evasion!
Likewise, the cast members are stoked to return to life in Seaside Heights, except for “Sammi Sweetheart,” (Samantha Giancola) better known as the Sam from Ron and Sam, or the voice behind the ‘Oh My Gosh, Ronnie…’ clip recently used in a few rap songs, one being Bhad Bhabie’s Hi Bich. Giancola never exactly gave a reason as to why she wouldn’t be appearing on the new set, though Snooki believes it has something to do with how happy her life is now, and not wanting to risk re engaging in the drama she long ago made peace with.

“Being that there was a lot of Ron and Sam drama when we did filming, it was just really hard on both of them. So I just think she doesn’t want that anymore… But at the same time, we’re just like, it’s gonna be different. We’re all begging her to come back on the show,” explained Nicole on her ‘It’s Happening’ podcast.
Other sources suggest that she still doesn’t get along with Ronnie, and wouldn’t want to be disrespectful to her new boo… who knows?
Needless to say, fans can’t wait to once again experience the long nights, bar fights, and crazy drama that was and always will be Jersey Shore. Only this time, the ‘mature version’.



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