Writer: Jameson White

Ezekiel Elliott is making his return to the Dallas Cowboys as they get ready to face the Seattle Seahawks. The Cowboys concluded the six weeks of “Life Without Zeke” on a three-game win streak, and overall 3-3 in these six games. However, it is apparent that America’s Team has missed him dearly. With Elliott in the game, there is always a chance for that “homerun” play; without him, the Cowboys would struggle to pick up one or two yards on plays when Elliott would get four or five. This exact reason is why with 21 in the backfield, the Cowboys are contenders.

Credit: The Big League

For the last six weeks, Ezekiel Elliott has been in Cabo, Mexico, participating in an intense training program. Coming into the 2017 season, Elliott was playing overweight and did not seem to be in good shape when it comes to his conditioning. In these six weeks he has been suspended, though, he has chiseled his body. A picture of Zeke has appeared to show him looking absolutely ripped, signifying a transformation with him; however, this transformation is not only physical.

Credit: NBC Sports

Additionally, while Elliott was in Mexico, he sought mentoring from various people. Of those, Eric Dickerson is the most notable. This means that he transformed into someone who has understood that it is time to “grow up” in a sense, and sought help in bettering himself. In after practice interviews earlier this week when reporters would ask about his suspension, all of his answers were basically stating that he is looking to put all of this behind him and only look towards the future.

Throughout this process, Elliott has shown a maturation, for not only handling his suspension after a long battle against the NFL, but showing that he wants to come back stronger than ever. It wouldn’t be surprising to see him rush for 200 yards against a Seattle defense that gave up over 150 to Todd Gurley in last weeks game. Though how many yards he runs for remains to be seen, two things are certain; Zeke is back, and he is geared to run the Cowboys into playoff contention.


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