Writer: Rhett Perez

With Christmas dawning over the horizon, your budget may be maxed out, or maybe soon it will be. Maybe you’re wondering what to get your close ones who listen to lots of music, and this list is to help finding a budget gift for any metalhead, and will include links to all these gifts online or from a store near you. All the gifts listed will be under $50(USD), and includes all genres, from elitists to casual fans alike. All pictures provided are what is shown online, and are sure to please any thrasher and banger.

Number 6: Metal Fan T-Shirt

To start off this list is easily the most humorous entry, for that friend who has the touch of satire and sarcasm on their tongue. For the literal “metal fans,” this fun gift is great for a music junkie who is aware of the stereotypes and jokes within the community. At just $19.99 on Amazon, this is a great gift for the thrasher with a sense of humor.

Number 5: Seven Deadly Sins: Settling the Argument Between Born Bad and Damaged Good

Next is for the maggots who are literate enough to read, and energy to mosh at the same time. Corey Taylor, the frontman of Slipknot, has had many experiences before the 9. From this, he has written 3 books, and all go into detail about certain subjects such as regret, addiction, depression, and even suicide. The first entry, Seven Deadly Sins, gives Taylor’s input on self-esteem and past actions, and is a must read for all Slipknot fans who enjoy diving into a good book, and at only $12.44 for paperback on Amazon ($9.99 for ebook), the price of storytelling isn’t going to break your wallet by any means.

Number 4: Skullcandy Uproar Wireless Headphones

Sometimes it isn’t what the music is, it’s about what you listen to it on. As a personal user of these specific headphones, I love the sound quality, battery life, and price. As a bluetooth pair of on-ear headphones, these are very cheap, clear, and fit nicely onto the head of the listener. These have been used in my personal life while cleaning, doing homework, coming up with new creative ideas, working out, and so much more. These are on sale at Best Buy for only $34.99 (Original $49.99) and come in white, red, and black. Skullcandy is definitely on-point with their users’ quality sound, and is great for any metalhead with a hatred for wires.

Number 3: Snark SN-1 Guitar & Bass Tuner

Every guitarist and bassist has their essentials, but sometimes the bank isn’t generous about their hobbies. This tuner, designed for both groups of people, is a great practical gift and is essential for all shredders. Measuring frequency and key in a light up color display that attaches directly to the neck, this is great for beginners and experts alike. Sitting at $29.99 at Guitar Center, it is certainly a bargain for it’s critical use.

Number 2: Road Runner Star 24 in. Bar Stool

Either for your homely abode, or for the drummers who want a sense of style with their rig, this stool is a exceptionally good for those recognizing the label. Road Runner holds many great bands in its hands, and the star should be recognized by all fans. This stool should spruce up a room, or make double pedalling more comfortable. Whichever the use, it also comes at a low price of $39.99 at Guitar Center.

Number 1: The Zen of Screaming

Even the vocalist, with his slim fit shirts and ego, sometimes needs a check on technique. The Zen of Screaming is an instructional DVD by acclaimed vocal instructor Melissa Cross that shows vocalists how to properly stress their vocal chords to do harsh vocals. As a personal user, this DVD gives great tips and tricks to manipulating the voice in simple exercises and technique, including testimonials from bands such as Andrew W.K. and Lamb of God! Sitting currently at $15.06 (Orig. $24.95) on Amazon, this disk will show any vocalist to not damage their chords, and sound badass while doing so.

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