Writer: Jameson White

Ezekiel Elliott’s ongoing dispute with the National Football League over a domestic violence accusation is starting to become nasty. Jerry Jones refuses to let his star running back be suspended over a case in which there was no evidence, but could it actually be hurting America’s Team?

Right or wrong, as Jerry said, this is more of the NFL trying to over-correct for their past mistakes rather than Elliott’s actual actions. This is the reason that the Cowboys’ owner has been fighting the NFL on this situation, but the longer that he continues to fight back, the more it can hurt Dallas.

Ezekiel Elliott had a slow start to the season, but in his last 3 games he has rushed for 413 yards and four touchdowns. He is looking more like the guy who was an MVP candidate in 2016 and running with the speed, power, quickness, and vision that made many scouts lick their chops at his pure talent. With this six game suspension looming over his head, it may be best just to accept it. The longer that it is being appealed, the longer his name is in the news for domestic violence. If the six game suspension is taken now, then he would be eligible to play with three games left in the season; this would mean he would be fresh for a playoff run. However, if this suspension keeps getting put off, and the final ruling is that it will be upheld, it could keep Elliott out of the playoffs. If this happens, the Cowboys would be losing the focal point of their offense, severely hindering their chances at a deep run. Can Jerry just accept the suspension, or will he keep fighting it and hurt his team in the long run? Only time will tell.


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