Writer: Kameron Henry

Since Kingsman: The Golden Circle is coming out tomorrow; I decided to sit down and watch the first Kingsman, and see if the hype for the second one was really necessary. After watching the movie all I could say was…” Oh My God.”

Kingsman: The Secret Service, was absolutely amazing. This movie is different from the cult classics like Jason Bourne series and James Bond series. Kingsman incorporates funny moments with amazing action scenes. The pace of the movie never slows down. It will keep your heart racing until the very end; while still giving the things we love to see in spy movies: beautiful women, amazing gadgets, and secret agents saving the world.

Going back to the action scenes, they are unlike anything I have ever seen. In the other spy movies, you rarely see the bullet enter the head and blood come out. The movie usually just see them cut away from it. In Kingsman, they show us all the blood and gore. From a certain point it can be gross, but from the other aspect it makes this movie so much cooler. From the comedy aspect, the movie reminded me a lot of the Naked Gun series. Because even though the spies are getting shot at; they still say things that are going to make you laugh.

So does Kingsman deserve all the hype it has been receiving? Yes, it certainly does. This movie is a soon-to-be cult classic among the others. Kingsman has turned the spy franchise upside down, and it changes how we see spies movies forever. Is Kingsman, the Golden Circle is anything like the first Kingsman, I will most definitely be seeing it this weekend. That’s a guarantee.


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