Writer: Kameron Henry

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol .2 was an amazing movie. From the action, to the comedy; but, the thing that stood out the most was the soundtrack. This got me thinking about something that also enriches the movie-goers experience; the music.

This Guardians of the Galaxy sequel made this concept different. Instead of having a modern artist sing a song, they decided to put cult-classic songs in the movie. Putting in the songs that people will know instantly made it more memorable. It’s a way to create new memories while going to the movies. Also, music in movies can get your heart racing.

At the beginning of Skyfall, after the first couple minutes in, we are thrown into a type of dream sequence for the movie. Whenever you’re watching a James Bond film, the most memorable part of the movie is the intro sequence. Seeing the sequence for the first time gets your heart racing to see the rest of the movie. Just the way the artist performs the song can change the entire piece. Even though the song could be a off-putting song; it could come back and amaze you.


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